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Which Course To Take

Specialist Days


PRE C&G 2 Day Home/Advanced Mechanic
An excellent course that has the practical modules from the accreditation course without the exams


4 Day 3902-28 C&G
A comprehensive mechanics course giving professional accreditiation to thoses in the industry


6 Day City & Guilds Accreditation Award
Full accreditiation as a professional bicycle mechanic

(includes C&G FEE)

A step by step program which enables anyone who would like to learn bicycle maintenance from a 1 day basic course for the home mechanic to the professional mechanic who needs accreditation. You can progress as far as you need too, it’s up to you.

At last an accredited professional bicycle maintenance qualification is available in Ireland. A full accreditation typically until now would cost in excess of £2000 sterling in the UK on top of travel, accommodation etc.

We have developed a step program to introduce bicycle maintenance as a qualified profession in Ireland & it is available at an affordable cost.

Our options to prepare you to take that step towards accreditation will give you a good knowledge of bicycle maintenance & will help you decide if this occupation if for you whilst learning along the way.

Accreditation can be achieved in as little as 2 weeks

You must have a basic program completed or be in the cycle industry with a proven knowledge to be accepted onto the C&G accredited course or you will not have the required skills to complete the module outcomes in the time frame of the course.

Specialist courses in our field include Brompton, HighNelly & Electric bicycle mechanic days; our experience & background in these areas are second to none in Ireland & will save you hundreds of euro in maintenance bills going forward.

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